Capitan vs Grocery IQ, Out Of Milk, & Our Groceries

Shop smart, not hard.

Smart apps have revolutionized the manner in which we do things - more efficient, more accurate, much quicker - and shopping is no exception. When confronted by the sheer amount of time you could save by using a shopping list app, it would be hardheaded to argue against the obvious benefits. But having a wide array of apps available to you isn't much help if you're unsure on which one to use. It's a bit of a Catch 22: you want an app that will help you save valuable time at the store but just to determine which app will actually do that, you have to invest a moderate amount of time that you really don't have to play around with the apps. No worries, we did the legwork for you. Our contenders are Grocery IQ, Our Groceries, and Out of Milk. How does Capitan stack up?

Shopping List App Showdown

Now, I want a nice, clean fight here, okay? Stop when you hear the whistle and no hitting below where your belt should be. All right, touch gloves and come out at the bell. I won’t be awarding points or anything of the sort, I'm just a referee.  You're the judge here. Take a look at the comparison and come to your own conclusions.


When comparing to Capitan to grocery iq and others, a good screenshot is useful.

Fit and fresh, Capitan is undoubtedly the new kid on the block. But hey, this rookie's got chops. In the world of apps, it's the newcomer that's always the most dangerous - everyone else already has their cards laid out on the table, this allows the new guy to see what already exists and improve on it. Capitan is a tour de force of shopping list awesomeness. WHAT IT OFFERS:

  • Smart search and smart suggestions allowing for fast list building.
  • Automatically groups items by category and store layout.
  • Create as many groups as you want and share lists with those groups, even add to groups from social media.
  • Smart notifications let you know when your close ones are approaching store
  • Memorizes commonly purchased items so that when you're near them in the store, Capitan will ask if you want to buy.
  • Automatically generates quickest route through grocery store based off items on list.


  • Currently has no web app.


Grocery IQ has been the frontrunner for a while - but for how much longer?

Arguably the reigning heavyweight champion of the shopping list app world until recently, Grocery IQ has grown quite popular and not without a few good reasons. With that said, you're only as good as your next fight; if an app fails to adapt and innovate it quickly becomes yesterday's news. WHAT IT OFFERS:

  • Smart suggestions for building lists.
  • Capacity to make multiple lists for different stores.
  • Keeps track of favorites and history once they're manually added.
  • Automatically organizes items by aisle and groups.


  • You can only sync lists through one account on multiple devices - meaning no one else can have multiple lists on their own accounts if they want to be kept in the loop.
  • Manually keep track of history and favorites.
  • No smart notifications.
  • No in store navigation or smart reminders.
  • You can't add to your group through social media.



The duel between grocery iq capitan and others continues with out of milk.

The prettyboy app with the catchy name, Out Of Milk has the ability to pack a sneaky punch but it's lack of flexibility makes it unlikely to come out swinging in the last few rounds. WHAT IT OFFERS:

  • Allows you to edit and sync lists online and on your phone.
  • Lists update in real-time


  • No smart suggestions when building your shopping list.
  • Doesn't group items by store layout
  • Can only share  lists with pro users (you have to pay to be a pro user).
  • Can only make grocery store lists.
  • No smart notifications - you need to be glued to phone to keep up to date.
  • No in store navigation or smart reminders.
  • You can't add to your group through social media.


How does Our Groceries match up to Capitan and Grocery IQ?

Our Groceries was one of the pioneers of the shopping list app world. It offers an old school feel but, with so many manual entries, it makes you wonder if it's time for this veteran to throw in the gloves. WHAT IT OFFERS:

  • Ability to make custom lists, groups, and 'aisles'.
  • Sync lists with others
  • Make lists for anything not only just grocery store shopping.


  • Manually enter all items the first time, a bit time consuming.
  • Manually drag items to match movement through the store.
  • Manually check items off when you get them.
  • MANUALLY create categories and aisles... you get where I'm going here.
  • No in store navigation or smart reminders.
  • No smart notifications - you need to be glued to your phone to keep up to date.
  • You can't add to your group through social media.

Call it how you see it.

I'd call it a knockout. Capitan's more flexible and practical than Out of Milk, faster and worlds more modern than Our Groceries, and clearly more adaptable and progressive than Grocery IQ. All of this come together to provide you with the one app that is going to save you the most time when shopping. Period. What do you think? Have you tried Capitan or any other shopping list app?