Grocery Apps

Smart apps have revolutionized the manner in which we do things - more efficient, more accurate, much quicker - and grocery shopping is no exception. When confronted by the sheer amount of time you could save by using a grocery list app, it would be hardheaded to argue against the obvious benefits.

But having a wide array of apps available to you isn't much help if you're unsure on which one to use.

It's a bit of a Catch 22: you want an app that will help you save valuable time at the store but just to determine which app will actually do that, you have to invest a moderate amount of time that you really don't have to play around with the apps.

Capitan App

Capitan, the smart shopping list app that makes sharing lists with your whole household a breeze.

App helps shoppers spend less time on shopping. Contrary to the average to-do list app, Capitan app was designed to streamline activities like creating lists, sharing them with the loved ones, and focusing on purchasing relevant items in relevant locations.

Inside the box the app is a combination of machine learning algorithms, years of experience in applied location-based and predictive analytics along with the crowdsourcing of data. “All the heavy computation is done in the cloud so mobile device owners don’t need to worry about extensive battery drain which is the case for most location-based apps”, said Artur Kiulian, Capitan's co-founder and CEO.


Capitan is smart; it learns your habits. The more you use the app, the more intuitive the reminders and suggestions become - such as letting you know that you normally buy milk at a certain store, or that you’re running low on a specific ingredient at home that you frequently buy and haven’t bought recently.


That’s all fine and dandy, but the real magic of the app happens when interacting with family members. Through Capitan, they’ll receive notifications when you are at the store, allowing them to send you last-minute requests for items to buy. This saves you time and energy by eliminating those “Oh, I forgot to tell you to buy bread” moments; not to mention that Capitan is always at work to make your shopping experience easier: as you approach the store, the app will ping you to let you know you are near the retailer, asking if you want to view the groceries list associated with that store.


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